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Isis-Rae Goulbourne

Innovation expert, creativity guru, and the #1 most booked female minority innovation keynote speaker. 

"Creativity is really about pushing the boundaries of what we are capable of. Everyone is creative and it's my mission to harness it across the globe and turn it into the greatest imaginative innovation that the world has ever seen. 


I started THE COLLECTIVE to be a hub for Imagineers to step into their highest self while working with the best brands, companies, and people. In doing so, I have also taken it as a personal mission to speak the gospel of creativity and innovation wherever I go. My goal is to spark the light of inventiveness within those that feel it has gone out. Or, give fuel to that which is already burning bright. 

Are you ready to push the boundaries with me? I sure hope so."

– Isis-Rae Goulbourne 
Founder, Innovation Keynote Speaker & Design Thinking Trainer



What's so special about  Isis-Rae? 

Isis-Rae is the go-to expert on innovation for many of the world’s top brands and most influential leaders. She has lived in three different countries and seven cities over the past two decades and is always feverishly vying for new experiences. She pulls on her experience in public speaking and design thinking.

As the founder of the digital agency, Collective Creativity, she has worked to bring together creative minds for one purpose: to push for innovation. The work her agency does ranges from product and marketing innovations to building, and from creative processes and operations to building a culture of innovation. She has created jobs on a global scale for her Imagineers and is only just beginning. 


With deep expertise, a captivating stage performance, and high-touch / high-service focus, Isis-Rae will deliver extraordinary value at your next corporate meeting or event.

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