Unlock your potential 


for unlimited creativity. 

Your personal coach helps sharpen the skills within you to create. Drop old patterns and perceptions of obstacles and expand your possibilities.


Why is Creativity Coaching even a thing?

We all have those projects we haven't been able to start (or finish). A creativity coach will help clear your mental blocks so you can step into your passion. Using a blend of creative and technical expertise, coaches are more than a support system, they are possibility partners, empowering you become the person you strive to be!

Shift from reacting to creating.


Turn your ideas into actionable, finished projects.

Unlike a life coach, creativity coaching focuses on building creative confidence and developing good habits. Our one-on-one sessions use the design thinking method to find opportunities and turn ideas into innovation (aka action).



Discover your creative potential by clearing barriers that stop your process. Get into a flow and stay there!


Some of the things you're doing are no longer serving you. Strip these outdated situations and beliefs and adopt new creative habits. 



Stay on task and build confidence in your abilities to overcome blockages. Let's DEUIT! (Shameless plug).



Learn techniques to use when you get stuck. Find ways of solving problems you never thought about before.


Why do we do this work?

The mission of our coaches is to empower you to reach your creative goals, but why? Well, ask yourself, where would we be if Van Gogh or Mozart lacked the motivation to finish their projects?


In our work we kept coming across people who believed they didn't have the ability to be imaginative and boundless. Or, they knew it but couldn't find the motivation to start or finish that amazing project. It was this realization that led us to this work.


Humanity as a whole is better when we're free, and able, to make something from nothing. You bring real-life situations and lead the discussion and we will find a way to help you reach your highest heights. We will all be better for it.

Have more questions?


What’s the difference between creativity coaching and therapy?

Creativity coaching is not a substitute for counseling with a therapist. A therapist will dive into emotional reasons causing distress and unpack your past. A creativity coach empowers you to reach your goals by focusing the future and the steps you need to take to get where you want to go - and supporting you on your journey.

How do I choose a coach?

Great question! Once we get an idea of what you’d like to achieve and what sort of coaching you’ll need we pair you with a coach. We will select one who specializes in your area of interest (e.g. entrepreneur, life/lifestyle, creativity etc.) We then set up a free 30 min consultation to help you discover if this is the right coach for you.

Where and how do you offer coaching?

As of March 2020, all coaching has gone virtual. So you can be creative no matter where you are!

How long will I need?

You keep asking the best questions! Our coaching sessions last 60 or 90 minutes. How many/how often will be up to you and your coach and what you agree works best. It depends on your needs and goals which can you will uncover during your 30-minute consultation call.

When Should I reach out for a possibilty partner (aka creativity coach)?

We are often asked ‘When is a good time to work with a creative career coach?’ The short answer is, anytime you feel you need help with your creative process or your level of success. But here are some common instances when you may want to get one-on-one attention.

  • I’ve just graduated from my creative course… Help! What now?
  • I’m getting nowhere. I need a mid-career rocket.
  • I’m blocked! I need a flourishing creative flow.
  • I have so many talents and no central identity/brand. Who am I?
  • I’m lost. I need help to birth my non-fiction book.
  • I’m dreading writing my book proposal.

What if I just want to pay to have conversations for some quick guidance but no longterm?

We offer you access to our coaches for what we like to call "Strategic Conversations". These can be great if you want to bounce ideas around and get guidance and steps to make your idea a reality. The rates for these are as follows:

  • Initial consultation: 30 mins Free
  • 1 hour - $95 USD
  • 90 minutes - $130 USD
  • Reasonable support between sessions - Free

How much do your coaching packages cost?

Ahh, down to the brass tax. Here is how we typically set things up: Silver package (4 x 60 minute sessions) - $350 USD Gold package (6 x 60 minute sessions) - $510 USD Platinum package (12 x 60 minute sessions) - $1,000 USD

Are you ready?

We want to work with you to breaking through creative barriers and reach new levels in ideation? Are you ready?