Frequently asked questions

How long are your workshops and training sessions?

Half-day - 3 hours (typically 9am-12noon) Full-Day - 7 hours (i.e. 9am - 4pm) *We will always work with you and your schedule to make sure that the sessions are flexible in order to adhere to your exact requirements.

What is the maximum numbe of patricipants that we can put in each session?

There is no maximum. It really depends on your goals, which workshop you select and the duration of the time period you select. For example, if you have 36 participants in a half-day workshop, it may be best to extend it to a full-day. We will talk over your goals and make sure that you have the best balance.

What do you provide and what will we have to supply as a business?

Depending on the program, we will either ship handouts or send a short PDF for ou to duplicate for your group. To run interactive sessions, we prefer seating configuations that allow tfor team interaction and collaboration. We also as that you provide us with flip chart paper, easles, and markers. Your facilitator will work with you to confirm the specifics of your sesssion in advance.

I found a course I like but only have one person that I need to train.

Take a look at out 1:1 session. We can work a program with indivuduals and taylor our offerings to give them the best results based on your needs.

I want something that you don't offer. Can you create a program for me?

Yes! We can pull from different programs, or we can build something from the ground up. Let's talk. Contact us for our custom workshops and trainings.

Will you work with me on pricing?

As with any professional service firm, we do not run specials or discount our services.

Do you offer a discount if we purchase serveral courses from you?

Yes. If you schedule and pay for multiple cources in advance, we offer a 5% discount.

Do you offer facilitation?

Yes. Executive retreats, strategive planning meetins, and gtherings to address workp;ace change often requires a skilled facilitator to craft and framework and guide discussions. We provice this service at a rate of $5,000/day.