Millions of teams are working remotely. Make sure yours doesn't miss a beat. 

Solutions for remote collaboration. 

Many of the fundamental shifts we're going through are here to stay. The world is changing and so is the way we collaborate. Are your teams optimizing their time and working together as well as they could be?


Make sure your team remains cohesive with our instructor-led design thinking, ideation, and creativity sessions. These fun and interactive workshops will build your organization, solve problems, and boost morale.


Helping your teams collaborate during this time and beyond.


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Virtual Ideation and Design Thinking

We can't get enough of creative-problem solving as a group but, in our new reality, it isn't possible to do in person. Does this mean you have to wait to ideate together? Absolutely NOT. ​Our virtual ideation sessions let your team generate ideas and solutions from any remote location. We use online white-boarding, and other communication tools, to simulate the in-person experience. You will: - Learn the basics of design thinking and how to apply them on the day-to-day job. - Learn by doing! Our interactive training uses hands-on activities to practice design thinking skills, giving your team confidence in their creative abilities. - Develop solutions for creating products and services that keeps your customer needs at the center. Set up an ideation session

Remote Teamwork & Collaboration

Have you found that your team has been working on their own for weeks, and yet the synergy is lacking? Or, you may just be looking for a fun activity to reinforce the team's common purpose. This workshop is for you! You will: - Break through the roadblocks that may have surfaced during the off-site collaboration process. - Understand behavioral styles, address conflict, understand where everyone fits and how to work best together. - Energize team members at every level and ramp up decision-making speed by learning how to incorporate key stakeholders in the process. Let's get the team mojo back....remotely. Set up a remote teamwork session

Creativity Training for Remote Workers

What is problem-solving if not an exercise in creativity? One can argue that the only reason companies exist is to solve problems — problems for their customers (B2C), other businesses (B2B), etc. Everyone has the capacity to make something from nothing. Discover your natural capacity for creativity through a range of activities that appeal to both sides of the brain. You will: - Learn to recognize idea-killers and change the conditions that encourage stagnant climates. - Develop the mindset, skillsets, and toolsets of highly creative people in business and start generating ideas more fluidly. - Learn how creativity can improve business choices and operations. Set up a creativity session

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