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DEUIT is a minority and women-owned design and innovation strategy firm based in New York City. We help organizations navigate change and bring on a new culture of innovation. We also develop individual creativity via coaching and mentorship. We use design thinking to foster positive growth mindsets that break old habits and usher in the new.

"DEUIT is a design firm like no other. We believe that for humanity to receive the best innovation, we have to change the way we approach design. While human-centered design focuses on the user (as it should), it can only be as good as the humans behind it.


Creativity is about pushing the boundaries of what we think we're capable of. Everyone has the ability to tap into their creative potential and generate original ideas to make something new. But how can organizations harness this creative output and develop the best solutions to their challenges?


I developed the Empowered Innovation Model (EIM) to illustrate the interlocking elements that must work together for optimal innovation to take place within organizations. In our new reality, encouragement is no longer enough, we have to build.


Are you ready to push the boundaries? I sure hope so."


– Isis-Rae Goulbourne

Founder, thought leader, innovation expert, creativity guru

Isis-Rae Goulbourne

Who works here? 


By bringing together the right set of skills, experience, and personality, we create the perfect set of DEU'ers for your unique project, no matter the size. 


Interaction designers

Brand strategists


Program planners

Visual designers

Content strategists

Creativity Coaches


Logo designers

Thought leaders

UX/UI designers


Design engineers

Business strategists

Our culture & values.

DEUIT Be Creative


We aim to build individual creativity and encourage entrepreneurial mindsets and empowered people to do their best work. 

DEUI Be Collaborative


We aim to make working on teams fun and productive. Everyone has a voice and we want to hear it.

DEUIT Be Innovative


We aim to push boundaries and are allergic to the"it's always been done that way" mentality.  

Let's work together to empower your teams and tackle your most daunting business challenges.

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